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Success by 6

Baby playing with a truck

Success by 6 is a Task Force to strengthen early childhood supports that address healthy births/healthy starts, children being ready for school, and children achieving school success in the elementary years

The Task Force is comprised of state agencies and statewide organizations with a known interest and/or expertise in early childhood issues. Currently 23 organizations have named representatives to the Task Force.

The Task Force agreed to three initial activities: an assessment of member interests and priorities, an update of the PFC Outcomes Tool, and identification of the gaps in responding to early childhood outcomes. Following those activities, the Task Force is charged with making recommendations to the Partners for Children collaborative.


  • Assessment Process- A profile has been developed that summarizes the current efforts, resources, priorities and future plans of the Task Force as they relate to early childhood issues.
  • Identify the gaps in responding to early childhood outcomes- a draft list of challenges has been developed based on input from Task Force members.

Next Steps

  • Identify short and long term deliverables for each of the three activity areas.
  • Crafting a message to the public and policymakers.
  • Developing a list of the Building Blocks of healthy early childhood development.
  • Developing a blue-print for cross system action.
  • Work in small groups or as a committee of the whole.
  • Schedule meetings in June, July/August, September, October and December to complete work and develop recommendations. (Sub group meetings may be scheduled in addition to the proposed Task Force meetings at the option of the members)
More on Early Childhood Supports
Look at the National Benchmark Survey ,  
What Grown-Ups Understand About Child Development.

The survey points out where adults have a reasonable understanding of child development and, perhaps even more importantly, where there are the most significant information gaps and greatest levels of misundertanding.

The Consultative Group on Early
Childhood Care and Development

This site includes a document entitled
Arguments in Support of Early Childhood Care and Development.

From Neurons to Neighborhoods   The Science of Early Childhood Development

Following is the executive summary of the above book brought to our attention by Success By 6 Task Force member Chris Kus. He described this as a recent publication from the National Research Council, Institute of Medicine that will help us in developing  Task Force priorities.

The book From Neurons to Neighborhoods    The Science of Early Childhood Development (2000) was put together by the Committee on Integrating the Science of Early Childhood Development. The charge to the committee was "to update scientific knowledge about the nature of early development and the role of early experiences, to disentangle such knowledge from erroneous popular beliefs or misunderstandings, and to discuss the implications of this knowledge base for early childhood policy, practice, professional development, and research.