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Partners For Children Brochure

No doubt about it, the word outcomes is part of the vocabulary of nearly every health and human services professional. And, like most buzz words, outcomes have become the source of much confusion.

We’d like to clear up that confusion...

Photo of Asian child

Partners for Children and positive outcomes have become synonymous.

Consider these broad-based, community outcomes:

  • Healthy births and healthy starts
  • Children ready for school
  • Children succeeding in school
  • Strong, determined youth
  • Family support and stability and
  • Community health and well-being

    How do you evaluate a community’s success?
    With concrete indicators of success, such as:

    • Reduced number of low birth weight babies
    • Increased immunization rates
    • Improved academic achievement
    • Fewer teen pregnancies
    • Higher literacy for families
    • More families living above poverty

    Tangible, positive outcomes are what we’re all about.

    The Making of a Partner

    Just a few years back, leaders from both public and private sectors came together, intent on improvement — not only to make life better for New York’s children and families, but also to do so in a measurable way. The result? A partnership for children that would — over time — evolve into an eleven partner-strong network. The state-level Partners for Children, or PFC. (Please refer to back cover for a list of the partners).

    Just how does the collective wisdom behind PFC make its way to your community? Simple. You tell us how we can best assist you. For openers, along with technical assistance, PFC statewide will provide your community ample access to:

    • Models for measuring outcomes
    • Details on available funding streams
    • Training and technical assistance resources
    • Examples of successful community partnerships
    The Making of a Partners for Children Community

    Perhaps your community already has a strong partnership going — one that pools together the talents of family, schools, community, and government who have a commitment to improving child and family well-being. You may already be a Partners for Children community and might serve as a model to others.

    Or maybe you’re about to embark on a strategy to improve the status of kids and their families. And you'd like guidance on how best to go about it, from the ground up.

    What if you’re just seeking to strengthen an existing partnership, or scrap one and build another?

    Whether your partnership is in its infancy or its maturity — or anywhere in between — PFC stands ready to help assure that the children in your community — every one of them — will be born healthy, remain healthy, succeed in school ... and in life.

    No matter where you are, we can help bring you to the next step with a variety of supports (including likely sources for funding) for improving the outcomes for children and families.

    Regardless of your stage of development, and where you want to go, you’re sure to go there much faster as a Partners for Children community.